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It’s Not a Gala. It’s a Movement!


We’re putting the racial justice event of the year together and you’re invited to attend! On Thursday, October 17, 2019, we will celebrate 20 years of progressive racial justice movement work with an event beyond any gala. This is for the people!

Join Advancement Project National Office attorneys, organizers, grassroots partners and influencers in racial justice sports, culture, arts, and entertainment as we celebrate our 20th anniversary with great food, performances, and more. You do NOT want to miss this!

Host Committee:


Rinku Sen

Jesse Williams

Daniel Leon-Davis

Helen Kim

Molly Munger

Tom Unterman

Arlene Holt-Baker

Alberto Retena

Jose "Joe" Alvarez

Connie Rice

Barry Litt

Stephen English

Bill Lann Lee

Katherine Peck

Ash-Lee Henderso