Anti-Blackness and Policing Resources

The reports, articles and links below offer insight into police brutality, racial justice, anti-blackness and organizing for change. 


1. Educating Ourselves About the Issues


Fatal Force An ongoing database that shows the number of people who have been shot and killed by the police in 2016. (Washington Post)

Arresting America Resource Page Look into police activity in your community through this searchable database of FBI arrest data covering more than 16,000 communities. (Fusion)

The Problems with Policing the Police Learn about the challenges to imposing reforms on police forces, and making those reforms last. (Time Magazine by The Marshall Project)

Facing Anti-Blackness by Michael Jeffries This opinion editorial explores the relationship between racism and anti-blackness.  (Boston Globe)

Making of Ferguson The Ferguson report exposes a long history of social struggles in African-American communities, and may inform our next steps. (Economic Policy Institute)

Department of Justice report on Ferguson DOJ Report that details how the city of Ferguson’s law enforcement practices disproportionately harmed African-Americans. (DOJ)


2. Police reform


Community-Centered Policing: A Force for Change An analysis about the advantages of community-centered policing practices in a democratic society, and specifically, in communities of color. (PolicyLink and Advancement Project)

Beyond Confrontation: Community-Centered Policing Tools A series of briefs that propose solutions to develop meaningful police and community partnerships. (PolicyLink and Advancement Project)

Limiting Police Use of Force: Promising Community-Centered Strategies

Engaging Communities as Partners: Strategies for Problem Solving

Turning Back the Tide: Promising Efforts to Demilitarize Police Departments

Values, Leadership, and Sustainability: Institutionalizing Community-Centered Policing

Organized for  Change: The Activist’s Guide to Police Reform How-to guide that explains strategies to improved police policies in your community, and move closer to a vision of community-centered policing. (PolicyLink)

School to Prison Pipeline Video Learn more about the school-to-prison pipeline and its effects on communities of color. (Advancement Project)

Justice Team Toolkit A toolkit created to push the boundaries of what is possible, and put an end law enforcement violence by mobilizing communities to respond radically. (Ella Baker Center for Human Rights)

Change the NYPD  A campaign created to end discriminatory policing practices in New York by bringing together a movement of community members, lawyers, researches and activities to work for change. (Communities United for Police Reform)

Demands for Racial Justice National demands and strategies to ensure racial justice in the U.S.  (Malcolm X Grassroots Movement)

Building Momentum from the Ground Up A toolkit for those seeking support and resources for campaigns aimed at transforming policies and practices of local law enforcement. (PolicyLink and Center for Popular Democarcy)

Campaign Zero Reports and Resources An organization of researchers and activists who provide information about existing policies in the U.S. and the areas where new policies are needed to end police violence. (Campaign Zero)

Agenda to Keep Us Safe A policy agenda for organizing. (BYP100)


3. Cop Watch and Know your rights


WeCopWatch: Police the Police A community defense tool created to: watch the police, educate and empower the public, and teach people about their rights in the event they are stopped by the police. 

ACLU’s Know Your Rights at Protests and Demonstrations  ACLU explains how to stand up for your constitutional right to protest. (ACLU)

Know Your Rights: Interacting with Police in New York State  A brochure that describes some of your rights under the law when interacting with police in New York state, and strategies for protecting your constitutional rights during police encounters. (Communities United for Police Reform)


4. Other Resources


Movement for Black Lives Join the Movement for Black Lives, take the pledge, sign up for actions.

Black Lives Matter A chapter-based national organization working for the validity of Black life.

Black Youth Project (BYP100)  An activist member-based organization dedicated to justice and freedom for all Black people.

Million Hoodies Movement for Justice  A racial justice organization confronting anti-black racism and systemic violence.