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Action Camp 2018 Registration

Communities of color across the United States are under siege by an unforgiving and destructive police state. While they may wear different uniforms, all law enforcement agencies pursue a law and order approach to communities of color leaving us over-policed and over-criminalized. Despite waves of organizing, movement building and protests, our communities still feel the brunt of a system infected with structural racism. As a result, communities and families have been devastated lacking a sense of safety and justice. We must begin to think of these agencies as a continuum of one system.

Advancement Project, is excited to provide an incredible 3-day training and campaign development space for young people, community organizers and organizations working to end the policing and criminalization of our communities, bringing together over a hundred community leaders from across the country to sharpen their tools, share stories and strategies, and build relationships.

Please fill out this information in its entirety as iit will be used primarily to book your travel information. Please fill in names as they appear on your identification. If you are unable to travel by air or have significant travel restrictions, please contact AP convening staff at m[email protected] immediately to discuss options.

The convening will begin on Friday, June 15th with a dinner and welcome reception at 7pm, and will end in the afternoon of Sunday, June 17th. Travel will be booked to have attendees arrive Friday afternoon and leave the afternoon/evening of Sunday. Please make sure that all attendees from your organization are able to travel on this schedule.

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