Criminalization and Immigration Since 1492 - Advancement Project - Advancement Project

Criminalization and Immigration Since 1492

Saturday June 16, 2:40 PM to 4:00 PM – Commons 318

Categories: ICE & Immigration Enforcement, Political Education


United States history as well as the history of other countries in the Americas, begins with colonization, genocide, and slavery. The criminalization of Black and Brown and Indigenous people has not stopped since 1492. We will review how in this workshop, policies, have historically been created to exclude certain populations based on demand for exploitative labor with the ability to create exclusions for large populations based on race, class, gender, health, sexuality, and religion. This workshop was built to unpack some of this history.  This workshop will show that history has affected the lives of people of color from the days of Christopher Columbus until present day and place participants’ migration story inside the timeline as well as people’s story of colonization from their home countries.




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