Reclaiming Our Streets: Strategies for Community-Defined Safety - Advancement Project - Advancement Project

Reclaiming Our Streets: Strategies for Community-Defined Safety

Saturday June 16, 4:30 PM to 5:50 PM – Lecture Hall

Categories: Street Policing, Public Education

Corner Greeters
Seattle Peoples Party
Creative Justice

Achieving police and prison abolition requires more than eliminating institutions. It requires building the world we want to see. We must use our imaginations both individually and collectively to bring to life community-based strategies for safety and accountability. It requires building meaningful relationships, defining our own vision of safety, and ultimately, collective action.  Corner Greeters is a youth-led, non-law enforcement initiative that uses data and strategic community engagement to ensure that the Rainier Beach community is a safe and healthy place for people of color. Similarly, the Seattle Peoples Party is dedicated to ending the City’s practice of criminalizing the young and poor and is pursuing a just model of accountability and community health. Creative Justice is an arts-based alternative to incarceration, partnering with youth to make art and transform systems through the healing power of art and storytelling. This workshop will explore these campaigns while discussing strategies for achieving community-defined safety.



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