Brian Kemp: Recuse yourself immediately. - Advancement Project - Advancement Project

Brian Kemp: Recuse yourself immediately.

Kemp's political games continue the legacy of Jim Crow-era efforts to deny Black people a voice in politics.


In Georgia, where Brian Kemp is Secretary of State and running for Governor, our democracy is at risk. As Secretary of State, Kemp is in charge of ensuring free and fair elections so that Georgians can participate without unfair barriers to voting. But Kemp is abusing his power holding up the voter registrations of 53,000 Georgia residents. While Georgia's population is 32 percent Black, Black voters make up 70 percent of the names on Kemp's list. This is nothing short of targeted voter suppression.

Kemp should not oversee an election in which he has a personal interest in the outcome. The integrity of our elections are at risk if Kemp retains his position.


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