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Can you believe Election 2016 was one year ago? Do you remember where you were when you were watching the tally of votes from state to state? Do you remember where you stood on social justice issues like immigration justice, policing, quality education? How have things changed for you and your politics since last November?

The urgent work doesn’t stop. But one year after the election, it’s important to take a moment to check up on each other and how we are doing. To mark one year since the 2016 Election Advancement Project did an #ElectionRewind, where we heard from each other on how we felt and how we’ve grown — or struggled — since the mess of Election 2016.

Advancement Project staff and partners shared their thoughts through audio, video and blog posts. Check out some of the content below.

#ElectionRewind: Where was I then, and where am I now?

by Zerline Huges Spruill

Looking back on #DontTouchMyVote and Black Vote Brunch

by Misha Cornelius

#ElectionRewind: The Day Fear and Ignorance Prevailed

By Andrew Hairston