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Free and Safe

Reform, reinvestment and restoration.

Reform, reinvestment and restoration. These are the three key tenets of Advancement Project's Free & Safe Campaign which supports communities of color in the fight to end the grip of criminalization and mass incarceration. The Free & Safe Campaign focuses on transformative, community-led change that recognizes the humanity and dignity of people of color. We provide legal, policy, communications and organizing support to communities to: end police brutality and misconduct; curb over-policing; reform laws that over-criminalize communities of color; reinvest public funding currently spent on mass incarceration; and restore voting rights to formerly incarcerated people.

Advancement Project National Office and other national civil rights and racial justice organizations are taking legal action to protect people in jails and prisons.

We need your help to pressure local and state governments to do the right thing and release people from jails and prisons, allowing them to safely quarantine and social distance in their homes. Call your local public officials (sheriff’s offices, state’s attorneys, governors, etc.) and demand that they take action before it’s too late! We won in Oakland County, Michigan and we will win again!

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