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How to “Cure” Your Ballot: Georgia

Sometimes absentee ballots are rejected for mistakes on the ballot. If you made a mistake, don’t worry. Georgia law provides a way for you to fix your mistake and make sure your vote counts in this election!


“Cure” Your Ballot If You’ve Made a Mistake

  • Return your ballot as soon as possible. Ballots must be received by 7pm on November 3.
  • Once your ballot is in, track its progress.
  • If you are notified about a mistake, corrections are due to your local elections office by 5pm on Friday, November 6.
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Avoid these Common Absentee Ballot Mistakes

  • Know Your Envelopes, and Use Them
    • After filling out your ballot, insert your ballot into the ballot envelope and fill out its form. Then the ballot envelope goes inside another envelope—the return envelope.
    • Make sure both envelopes are sealed and signed where necessary.
  • Names and Signatures
    • Sign and print your own name where the ballot asks for the “Signature of the Elector.”
  • Other Issues
    • Some first-time voters may need to send copies of I.D. with their completed ballot—ask your local county register if you think this applies to you, or if you received notice it does.
    • If you sign in the wrong spot, cleanly draw a line through the incorrect signature and sign in the correct location.

 Georgia is required by law to notify you of a mistake with your ballot. 

Ask your county register if you are concerned!