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Immigrant Justice

The struggle for immigrant justice is part of the broader struggle for racial justice. US immigration policy has historically been rooted in racism with entry restrictions and exploitation based on race. In deep partnership with grassroots groups across the country, Advancement Project’s Immigrant Justice Project seeks to end the unnecessary criminalization of immigrants. Our team provides support through a combination of policy, advocacy, organizing, communications and litigation to dismantle systems that oppress immigrants and communities of color. We help build bridges between immigrant communities and other communities of color, and seek to change the public discourse that dehumanizes and demonizes immigrants.
Trump Goes All In on Fear, Hyperbole

This rhetoric would not lead to making America great, but to dividing the country and instilling fear.

Supreme Court Immigration Ruling Is a Testament to Immigrant Justice Movement’s Strength

Through sheer heart and will, the immigrant justice movement swayed a nation and a president toward justice and fairness.

Private Prisons: The Cycle of Expansion and Incarceration

New Report Shows Georgia’s ‘Felony Driving Law’s’ Disproportionate Impact on Communities of Color

We will not live in fear, and we will fight this law until families like Toñita’s, Gloria’s and Ignacio’s are no longer besieged by it.

Manufacturing Felonies

How Driving Became a Felony for People of Color in Georgia

Louder Than Words

Lawyers, Communities and the Struggle for Justice