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Policing and Criminalization

Advancement Project's Justice Project supports grassroots movements in communities of color that challenge racial criminalization and call for genuine police accountability.

Recent uprisings in American cities like St. Louis, Baltimore, and Baton Rouge, reawakened a centuries-old struggle to free Black and Brown communities from oppressive and discriminatory law enforcement.

These pivotal moments generated a new wave of movement resistance until policing practices and the entire criminal justice system are reformed. Yet, while systemic reform has gained broader and more mainstream support in the wake of events like #Ferguson, a new federal administration still seeks to turn back the clock and fortify the police state in communities of color.

Advancement Project’s Justice Project supports grassroots movements in communities of color that challenge racial criminalization and call for genuine police accountability.

The Justice Project provides short- and long-term support to local campaigns seeking not simply to reform, but to wholly dismantle systems that over-criminalize and over-incarcerate people of color in the name of “law and order.” We aim to help impacted communities define the terms and control the means by which peace is realized in their streets and neighborhoods, and to re-imagine for themselves how “safety” is pursued.

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Police Must be Held Accountable for the Murder of Walter Scott

To anyone who cannot comprehend why Black and Brown communities and their allies are marching in the streets screaming ‘Black Lives Matter,’ this is why.

Sessions is Latest Dangerous Addition to Trump Administration

Offering Jeff Sessions the post of attorney general is how Trump comes through in his promise – we are witnessing how words morph into policies and practices that harm people of color.

Police Killings of Black People Must Stop

The merciless killings of Keith Lamont Scott, Terence Crutcher and Tyre King also perfectly exemplify how Blackness in America is still equated with criminality and guilt.

Expanding Police in Schools Will Not Address Racial Disparities in School Discipline or Keep Our Children Safe

It’s time to start prioritizing student success, not student criminalization.

Increased Attacks on Communities of Color Are Unacceptable

Our movement is too organized, too energized, and too determined to stand by quietly while our communities are attacked.

Best Practices for Journalists Reporting on Police Killings of Black and Brown People

Reporters must make intentional efforts to craft stories that uplift the voices of the most impacted without criminalizing them or adding to existing narratives.

Baltimore Bloc and Advancement Project Respond to Acquittal of Officer Edward Nero

We do not expect justice for Freddie or for Baltimore to come from a prosecutor’s office or a courtroom.

Federal Judge Approves Ferguson Consent Decree Following Public Hearing

The decree is a critical first step to addressing an entrenched problem, but it must have strong accountability to ensure long-term sustainable change.

Video of School Police Officer Body Slamming Student Demonstrates Need to Remove Police From Schools

This video confirms what data has already shown: School police officers do little keep students safe.

Manufacturing Felonies
Engaging Communities as Partners
Police in Schools are Not the Answer to the Newtown Shooting