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Advancement Project Releases Poll and Focus Group Data on Gen Z Voters of Color Spanning Four States

Advancement Project Releases Poll and Focus Group Data on Gen Z Voters of Color in Michigan, Florida, Georgia, and Virginia

Issues that rose to the top include abortion access, the economy, and systemic racism and discrimination

WASHINGTON D.C. – Today, Advancement Project released findings from a poll and focus groups of Gen Z voters of color (Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Asian American and Pacific Islander) in Michigan, Florida, Georgia, and Virginia ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. This survey was conducted by HIT Strategies in September 2022. 

“We know that when our communities are free and safe, everyone thrives. Voting has the power to win tangible policies that make a difference in people’s lives. This makes it critical for voters of color  to be heard at the polls – the issues that motivate our communities to cast our ballots ultimately impact us all,” said Advancement Project Executive Director Judith Browne Dianis. “Young people have been on the forefront of building a more just and inclusive future for all of us. Whether on the national, state or local level, young voters of color are hungry to elect leaders that represent them and they are pushing for real action on issues like abortion access, the economy, and systemic racism and discrimination. Young voters of color are united around these critical issues and are ready to vote, we just need to equip them with accurate information.”

Some insights into the research conducted by Advancement Project and HIT Strategies include:

  • Top issues for Gen Z voters of color include abortion access, the economy, and systemic racism and discrimination. 
  • 52% believe their vote has a lot of or some power to make a change on abortion access, and 49% believe their vote has power to make a change on the economy
  • 87% believe that abortion should be legally protected. Half of the respondents believe they can positively change abortion access and the economy through voting. 
  • 40% believe their vote has power on police reform.
  • Approximately 6 in 10 young voters of color say that they are motivated to vote, likely to vote, and believe that their vote has power

Click here for a full detailed copy of the data and key findings. 

“This research drives home the fact that young voters of color care deeply about core issues facing their generation and their country, from abortion access to racial discrimination to the economy to criminal justice,” said Lauren Goldstein, Senior Research Manager at HIT Strategies. “When equipped with the power of information about who and what is on the ballot and a belief in their own power to effect change through voting, young voters of color can usher in the change that they are looking for from their elected leaders and their government.”

Advancement Project shared this research in a press conference held with a coalition of racial justice organizations working to mobilize voters of color in the upcoming election. Each organization shared findings from polling data on their own communities. These polls were conducted to connect with potential voters directly, understand their values and priorities as it relates to the forthcoming election, and discover what it will take to encourage voters to cast their ballots. 

Please see here, for the recording of the press conference (passcode:W+sg0G36). 

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Advancement Project is a next-generation, multi-racial civil rights organization. Rooted in the great human rights struggles for equality and justice, they exist to fulfill America’s promise of a caring, inclusive, and just democracy. They use innovative tools and strategies to strengthen social movements and achieve high-impact policy change. Learn more about Advancement Project here.

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