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U.S. Supreme Court Issues a New Assault on the Civil Liberties of Immigrant Communities

WASHINGTON – In a 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Nielsen v. Preap, that the Secretary of Homeland Security has the authority to arrest and detain a noncitizen released from prior criminal custody, even if the noncitizen had been released years ago.

The Court’s majority interpretation forbids bail hearings for immigrants detained by immigration enforcement years or decades after their release from prison. Thousands of people will be forced into mandatory detention without a bond hearing.

Losmin Jiménez, Project Director and Senior Attorney, Advancement Project’s National Office reacted, “Such a ruling is beyond devastating to immigrant communities. It is yet another assault on civil rights and civil liberties by the U.S. Supreme Court. It is an egregious expansion of an already out-of-control immigration detention system that criminalizes people of color and fuels the prison industrial complex.”

Last August, Advancement Project’s National Office signed-on to the NYU School of Law Immigrant Rights Clinic amicus brief filed in the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Nielsen v. Preap, Number 16-1363. The brief, filed on August 13, 2018, featured stories on the impact of application of mandatory no-bond detention to individuals who have returned to their communities following their release from criminal custody.

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We Must End Immigration Detention TODAY!

The “immigration detention system” dehumanizes individuals at every level. “Detention centers” are prisons with atrocious conditions. The immigration detention is part of this country’s mass incarceration crisis. We’ve seen this firsthand.

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Advancement Project’s National Office Sues DHS, ICE, and CBP for Failing to Provide Records Under the Freedom of Information Act About the Administration’s Traffic Stops in South Florida

Washington D.C. – Today April 4, 2019, Advancement Project’s National Office sued the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and U.S. Customs and Border Protection for failing to provide records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), involving the traffic stops and roving patrols in Homestead, Florida. In partnership with WeCount!, Advancement Project’s National Office seeks information about ICE stopping cars in the Homestead area of South Miami-Dade County. “We are concerned about ICE and CBP’s racial profiling in conducting traffic stops given that CBP and ICE are the largest federal police force. WeCount! members…

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Advancement Project National Office Sues DHS and ICE for Failing to Provide Records Under FOIA

Complaint seeks access to information about the Trump Administration’s Anti-Immigrant Hotline and ICE Collaboration in Virginia

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Advancement Project National Office Celebrates H.R. 6, Vows to Continue Fight to Decriminalize Migration

This legislation provides permanent protections and a pathway to citizenship without adding additional surveillance, enforcement, and border militarization for immigrant youth and individuals with TPS and DED.

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JP Morgan Chase Takes Stand on Banking Private Prisons

On JP Morgan Chase’s decision to no longer finance private prison giants GEO Group and Core Civic, Advancement Project National Office released the following statement: “Advancement Project National Office would like to thank those who have been relentless in their activism to hold corporate America accountable, explaining the harm these companies are causing individuals, families and generations – particularly immigrants of color and people of color who are disproportionately incarcerated in private prisons. We hope to see a wave of more corporations divesting from companies that are making money off us human bodies. It’s time that the U.S. notice the…

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Statement on Trump Calling National Emergency: The Real Emergency is Trump’s Xenophobia

WASHINGTON – Losmin Jimenez, Immigrant Justice Project Director and Senior Attorney for Advancement Project National Office, issued the following statement on President Trump’s declaration today of a “national emergency” on the U.S.-Mexico border. “Trump continues to bypass Congress to further his xenophobic wish list with criminalization of immigrants at the top of it. After the recent disastrous government shutdown, calling for a ‘national emergency’ just to get what he wants is unacceptable. This so-called ‘crisis’ is nothing more than an over-blown tantrum over his disagreement with the Congress,” said Losmin Jimenez. “There are plenty of national emergencies we could address…

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Advancement Project Files Lawsuit on Behalf of UndocuBlack Network Seeking Transparency on Visa Sanctions

“The public has a right to know about these policies that are very dangerous and harmful to members of these communities."

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Replacing Criminalization and Disenfranchisement with Citizenship and Voting Rights

Together, let’s vote - let's ready ourselves for 2020.

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Trump Administration Targets Children & Families in Communities of Color in Latest Immigration Regulation

Changes to Public Charge Could Put Health and Immigration Status at Risk for Millions

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