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Brent Swinton

Managing Director of Development

For over 20 years, Brent has held increasingly senior fundraising positions in the nonprofit and higher education sectors while mastering development support operations. His command of the frontline and back-end of fundraising has benefitted the mission-led organizations Brent has served and equipped.

Brent began his career at the American Heart Association in northeastern Georgia, implementing community events and school-based fundraising programs. Upon promotion to Executive Director of Youth Markets in Orlando, Brent was responsible for driving revenue in his personal territory while supervising a team of fundraisers deployed across Florida. Brent facilitated the deployment of a nationwide customer relationship management database as the training liaison for the association’s Florida Affiliate.

After six years with the AHA, Brent was recruited to the Washington, DC area by Datatel, a higher education enterprise software provider (now known as Ellucian) to train client sites converting to Datatel’s fundraising software. He trained back office staff to use the technology, and advised college administrators on campaign planning and strategy. When he wasn’t embedded on a campus, Brent presented workshops and remote webinars for Datatel customers.

Brent eventually returned to the nonprofit world as the national Training and Technical Assistance Manager at Dare Mighty Things, the management consulting firm responsible for implementing the Compassion Capital Fund. This program was the cornerstone and most visible component of the White House Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. Brent honed his ability to translate and convey dense regulatory and technical information to teach hundreds of grassroots organizations (and a few large nonprofits) to sustain themselves financially.