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Dwanna Nicole

Director, Policy and Stakeholder Outreach

Dwanna Nicole serves as Advancement Project’s Director of Policy and Stakeholder Outreach. In this role, she develops strategies to implement the policy agenda of Advancement Project and its partner organizations by supporting local, state, and national campaigns. She also builds and maintains relationships with external stakeholders, including teachers’ unions, school officials, law enforcement, judges, and policymakers to create a diverse constituency of support for Advancement Project’s initiatives. Prior to joining Advancement Project, she served as the Director of Policy and Advocacy for the Young Women’s Project, where she worked with local elected officials and government agencies to design and implement youth led campaigns, including those focused on health, education, and child welfare.

Dwanna has held policy positions at nonprofits, within school systems, and at the local government level. She has coordinated legislative activities for various organizations and coalitions, including the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland and the Let Haiti Live Coalition, and has developed legislation for the Maryland General Assembly, Council of the District of Columbia, City of Richmond, Virginia, and the District of Columbia and Prince George’s County Public Schools Boards of Education.

Dwanna routinely administers workshops for educators on the harms of exclusionary discipline policies and practices. She works with schools and school districts throughout the country to assist them with developing strategies to create more positive school climates for students, educators, and families, and provides training in restorative justice to educators and community members.