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Maya Drummond

Communications Associate

Maya Drummond joined the Advancement Project in 2016 as a Communications Associate. She works with multiple programs within Advancement Project, to provide communications support to uplift the work of grassroots organizations committed to racial justice. Maya received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Howard University, where she spent her time conducting research on racial disparities in police practices such as stop and frisk in communicates of color. Her research was selected for publication in the National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR). As the co-founder of a student organizing group called Students First, she provided communications support for events and demonstrations to uplift the voices of students in the #takebackhu campaign.

Following her time at Howard, she served in AmeriCorps as a Public Ally Fellow at the Capital Area Food Bank where she built partnerships with community leaders committed to end child hunger in the DMV. In doing so, she was able to spearhead a creative project in support of anti-hunger initiatives in local communities of color.

Maya also worked with Campaign for Youth Justice (CFYJ), where she focused on researching and analyzing the voting records and patterns of congressional members and coordinated meetings with congressional meetings to support the CFYJ’s campaign efforts to stop the trying and sentencing of youth in the adult criminal justice system.

Throughout her professional work and academic training, Maya has centered her focus on equity, access and racial justice.