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Paige Polk

Senior Digital Campaigns Innovator

Paige Polk joined Advancement Project National Office in 2020 as our Senior Digital Campaigns Innovator. In this role, they chronicle the activities of our theory of change, our partners’ actions in the movement for our digital audiences and help shape a digital narrative around the racial justice movement and trajectory towards a #FreeAndSafe society for people of color.

Paige has built media as an Emmy and World Press Photo Award-winning interactive producer and facilitator. With a queer, Black, feminist lens, Paige uses the digital world to connect identity and expression – on and offline. Their work blends a dedication to community from organizing with the with intricacies of media in tech.

Paige’s service work began in digital organizing for the Afro-Peruvian resource center, Centro de desarrollo étnico (CEDET) in Lima, Peru. They later transitioned into government communications, as Multimedia Producer for the New York City Mayor’s Office. While in the Mayor’s Office, Paige built audio, video and photo projects speaking to the diverse realities of New Yorkers. This includes a student audio series for the Youth Vote campaign investigating obstacles to the ballot for voters 18-25.

Paige is the Co-Creative Director of the Journey Project, Google’s interactive documentary experience revealing the presence of race and its intersections in technology. Paige is also a founding member of The Skin Deep interactive studio, having produced and edited for the viral {The And} relationship series which reached over 55 million viewers across 144 countries. Paige is also the creator of Not Yet Series, the New York City community web project exploring the relationships that guide people into adulthood.

Paige is a NYFA Artist Fellow, Obama South by South Lawn Nominee, and holds media studies M.A. from Pratt Institute and an anthropology B.A. from Rice University.