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Sharion Scott

Skadden Fellow and Staff Attorney

Sharion Scott is a Skadden Fellow and Staff Attorney with the Power and Democracy program. Sharion supports communities advocating for the restoration of voting rights to those impacted by the criminal legal system. She also works on securing full access to the ballot for communities of color.

Sharion began her career with Teach for America in Jackson, Louisiana, where she witnessed the multi-layered barriers faced by students and families in the Black community. This experience, and Sharion’s subsequent volunteer experiences as an international missionary, motivated her to fight injustices that oppress underserved populations.

While in law school, Sharion worked at the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama, visiting people in prison who wanted to challenge their confinement and crafting narratives that exposed racial violence in America as part of EJI’s historic Legacy Museum. Sharion also worked as a law clerk with the MacArthur Justice Center on litigation that targeted the inhumane treatment of juveniles and adults in Missouri and Illinois incarceration facilities.

Sharion’s publications include a journal note that highlights jury bias in criminal trials and argues for allowing more formerly incarcerated people to serve on juries. Prior to joining Advancement Project National Office, Sharion served as a judicial law clerk to the Honorable Nannette Jolivette Brown, Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. Sharion graduated with a sociology degree from Rice University and a law degree from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law.