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Yasmeen Ramahi

Media and Press Strategist
Media and press strategist Yasmeen Ramahi

Yasmeen Ramahi is a media and press strategist who comes to the abolition space with a background in uplifting Black, Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, Sikh and South Asian (BAMEMSA) voices in media to challenge mainstreams narratives including: immigration, surveillance, islamophobia, white supremacy, reproductive justice, prison abolition, and education. She has provided media skill-building trainings grassroots and national organizers across the country, striving to close the gender gap in spokespeople. Yasmeen has had the opportunity to provide communications support to hundreds of local and national advocacy organizations through curating and maintaining relationships with reporters and editors in newsrooms, understanding and identifying news trends, pitching opinion and feature pieces, crafting messaging, shaping media narrative, and crisis response communication. 

Yasmeen first came into this work as a grassroots human rights and political organizer focusing on Palestinian rights and the intersections of race, class, and gender at The Ohio State University where she earned her BA in strategic communication. In her free time, Yasmeen enjoys scoping out local coffee shops, exploring new music, and playing tourist in DC.