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Year End Review

As part of Advancement Project National Office’s cross-programmatic effort to decriminalize communities of color and build power at the grassroots level, we continue to use the full scope of our model to create sustainable systemic changes that will allow our communities to live #FreeAndSafe and work towards a just and inclusive democracy. Above all, we envision a future where people of color are free – where they can thrive, be safe and exercise power. Driven by the genius of ordinary people and their movements, racism will no longer exist and justice will be radically transformed.

Democracy Disappeared to Democracy Rising

The End of Florida’s History of Felony Disenfranchisement and Launch of a New Age of Empowerment.

We Came to Learn Website

A hub for #PoliceFreeSchools advocates that provides news and updates, videos, and campaign tools, including the #AssaultAt map to chart incidents of students being assaulted by school police.

The sweet taste of justice

With cinnamon and chocolate ice creams, gobs of cinnamon bun dough, and spicy fudge brownies, Justice ReMix’d™ has just the right zip for kick starting a conversation about the importance of racial equity in America, and the need for criminal justice reform.

The Carceral State of Arizona

In August 2018, Advancement Project National Office conducted a stakeholder visit of Eloy Detention Center on behalf of and in partnership with Puente Human Rights Movement. We share our findings in this latest report.

We Vote We Count

The Racial Equity Anchor Collaborative, a coalition of national racial justice and civil rights organization, is pleased to present its groundbreaking voting rights report “We Vote, We Count.”

Fighting the system, and winning!

In June, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction requiring the City of St. Louis to give a fair bail hearing to every person arrested within 48 hours of their arrest. Within weeks, we lowered bail and got 119 residents released from "The Workhouse" jail.

The Genius of Ordinary People

August 9, 2019, marked five years since the police killing of teenager Mike Brown. After a series of protests known as the Ferguson Uprisings, a group of residents in Ferguson, MO, have been working locally since 2014 to take back their power.

National Week of Action

We partnered with Players Coalition Charitable Foundation to call for a National Week of Action from Friday, October 18, through Friday, October 25. See how we highlighted our partners working to create free and safe communities for people of color.

Power & Democracy

Through our Power & Democracy program, we have deepened our commitment to restore voting rights in order to give a voice to the millions of people who have been disenfranchised. This work is especially timely as the criminal justice system comes under increasing public scrutiny. We have seen growing support for the right to vote for people impacted by the unjust criminal justice system.

Advancement Project National Office supported two major victories last year in Florida with the restoration of voting rights to 1.4 million people, and in Louisiana where the wait time for restoring voting rights to those on probation or parole was shortened.

In March 2019, we re-released “Democracy Disappeared” to commemorate the win for Returning Citizens. Now entitled,  Democracy Rising: The End of Florida’s History of Felony Disenfranchisement and Launch of a New Age of Empowerment, the report is used as a tool to engage and register returning citizens. The report also provides an original analysis of state data to illustrate why felony disenfranchisement is a racial justice and criminal justice issue.

In March 2019, we hosted a convening in Florida for about 40 attendees representing over 20 organizations to discuss the newly passed amendment and how the movement can support rights restoration efforts in Florida. At the convening, we discussed the actual wording of the amendment, key definitions and ways to encourage civic participation resulting in robust voter registration efforts.

The midterm elections during 2018 changed the balance of power in Congress and led to a renewed call to advance voter rights at the national level. In February 2019, we began working with Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, along with our national and grassroots partners to support the House Administration Committee’s Voting Rights Field Hearings across the nation by recommending witnesses in our key states, and collecting stories on voter experiences with voter suppression. Litigation Director Gilda Daniels testified at the Georgia field hearing in March, and Executive Director Judith Browne Dianis testified in Florida, where we also hosted six “People’s Hearings," to collect stories of those not testifying in a number of states that are featured in our November 2019 report, “We Vote, We Count.”

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