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Policing + Decriminalization

For years Advancement Project’s Justice Project has supported communities facing violence at the hands of police. We support efforts for accountability while creating new models for safety. We confront the legacy of criminalizing race and poverty in communities across the country that has created a mass incarceration crisis in this country, and especially in communities of color.

In the aftermath of continued incidents of police violence against Black and Brown communities, our  Justice Project has been working with local partners and national coalitions to end the reliance on police, prisons, and the state. We fight against policies that increase criminalization and incarceration alongside local partners while advocating for new safety models that transform the criminal legal system.

The Justice Project is also committed to building movement power and solidarity, especially in light of the expansion of Cop Cities and excessive use of force following the 2020 national uprisings. We are working with Movement for Black Lives to Stop Cop Cities in cities including Atlanta, Baltimore, and Dallas and to protect movement organizers and protesters from further state violence, attacks, and repression.

We use an intersectional, movement-lawyering approach to address safety, harm and accountability in our work with our organizing partners. Our work is centered in building power among community members who are most impacted by the criminal legal system.