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What we're working on

Advancement Project fights every day for a caring, inclusive and just democracy.

Lawsuit Settled Against Philadelphia School District

Advancement Project, Juntos, and Public Justice settled a lawsuit against the Philadelphia School District that calls for systemic changes in the district's policies.

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Issue areas

We focus on three areas to build power and dismantle structural racism.

Voting Rights

  • Eliminating barriers to voting
  • Ensuring every vote is counted
  • Fighting for voting rights restoration

Policing + Decriminalization

  • Pursuing legal protection for movement activists
  • Creating community-centered public safety models
  • Closing jails and prisons and reinvesting in communities

Education Justice

  • Fighting for police free schools
  • Protecting public schools as a public good
  • Championing the right to education

On-the-Ground Campaigns

Our work is rooted in local communities and centered on people of color.

Police Free Schools

The National Campaign for Police Free Schools is co-convened by Advancement Project and Alliance for Educational Justice, and includes dozens of organizations from across the country.

Rights Restoration

Advancement Project’s Rights Restoration work aims to expand the right to vote to the 4.6 million Americans impacted by felony disenfranchisement.


Our projects support Advancement Project's work to build a world where people of color are free and safe.

How Cops Get Off

A three-part animated video series, breaks down three major elements that keep cops protected and reinforce racist practices that harm our communities: the public narrative, the protectors in the legal system, and laws.

Young Voters of Color

A multi-year project to support messaging, polling, and outreach to young voters of color between the ages of 28 - 25. Most recently, Advancement Project polled registered POC (Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and AAPI) Gen Z Voters in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Virginia ahead of the 2022 midterms election.


Bringing together movement leaders across the country to create change.

Black Narrative Table

The Black Narrative Table (BNT) is a hub of Black-led and Black-serving progressive organizations and individuals aimed to create long-term narrative strategy at scale to build power and progressive politics with Black communities. By building a bridge between power-building organizations, cultural strategists, influencers and researchers, we can proactively develop networks that tell an imaginative story of who we are as Black people and the world we envision to thrive.  


Formation serves as a relationship building, cross-learning, and strategic capacity building network of multiracial local organizations waging campaigns to dismantle systems and structures of racial oppression. Formation convenes organizational leaders to build trust (across racial demographics, issue areas, and geographies), power, and long-term solidarity.

Active Litigation

Providing legal support to organizations dismantling structural racism through the courts.

SB 90

SB 90, a Florida law aimed at silencing the rising majority of Black, Latinx, Asian, and Indigenous voters, was challenged by a number of groups, including Advancement Project, Demos, Florida Rising, Equal Ground Education Fund, LatinoJustice, Hispanic Federation, and others.

SB 202

SB 202 creates significant barriers for voters of color casting their ballots in Georgia — undermining absentee voting, early voting, voting on election day, and allowing the state to take over county elections. Advancement Project National Office, Crowell & Moring LLP, and Kastorf Law, LLC represent The Concerned Black Clergy of Metropolitan Atlanta and Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights in their legal challenge to SB 202.

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Thought leadership

MSNBC: Remembering Bloody Sunday: The Fight for Access to Vote in America

Executive Director Judith Browne Dianis appears on MSNBC Velshi to commemorate Bloody Sunday and discuss the state of voting rights in the United States.

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