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Advancement Project National Office Applauds Passage of ‘Breonna’s Law’ Banning No-knock Warrants in Louisville, KY

WASHINGTON, DC – The Louisville Metro Council tonight unanimously passed “Breonna’s Law,” an ordinance banning any search warrant that does not require police to announce themselves and their purpose at one’s premises. The mayor is expected to sign the ban immediately.

Advancement Project National Office this week released a petition and has been working with grassroots partner Black Lives Matter-Louisville and celebrities committed to getting justice for Breonna Taylor who was killed while sleeping in her apartment March 13, by Louisville Metro Police Department officers during a no-knock raid.

“Yes, we need wins but we need bold wins. We need bold policy that fights white supremacy,” said Chanelle Helm of Black Lives Matter-Louisville. “We need bold elected officials to represent their constituents who are fighting white supremacy every day in the streets. We can defund the police and fund our communities. We can live police free. Bre deserved that. Every victim of police terrorism won tonight! Every step is a victory!”

Advancement Project National Office Tuesday held a town hall featuring Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer where Black Lives Matter-Louisville activists and celebrities including Regina King, Sterling K. Brown and Ellen Pompeo called for the end of no-knock warrants and the defunding of the Louisville Metro Police Department and released a petition.

“Ending no-knock raids in Louisville is a good first step in the fight for justice following the murder of Breonna Taylor. Advancement Project National Office stands with Black Lives Matter- Louisville in support of a statewide ban on these dangerously violent raids and will continue to fight to defund the police across the country,” said Thomas B. Harvey Justice Project Director for Advancement Project National Office.

Despite tonight’s win, Black Lives Matter-Louisville and Advancement Project National Office continue to demand Justice for Breonna and wants the officers involved in Breonna’s killing to be charged and is rallying for the city to defund the police department. Black Lives Matter-Louisville also plans to take this to the state level when the legislative session starts in hopes to see a comprehensive bill that has police accountability.

“In Texas, Georgia, California, and South Carolina, toddlers, young people and community members have been injured and killed by cops’ dangerous and unnecessary raids,” said Judith Browne Dianis, Executive Director of Advancement Project National Office. “This happens to thousands of people every year. Unless we end no-knock rage around the country, the next Breonna Taylor is around the corner.”

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