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Map the Truth Coronavirus Social Justice Guide & Webinar

August 10, 2020

Advancement Project National Office along with our national allies Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum, Can’t Stop! Won’t Stop! Consulting, Demos, and The Opportunity Agenda have released Map the Truth, a COVID-19/Coronavirus Social Justice Guide. This guide is a reflection of the love, unity and uplifting positivity that we collectively aim to spread amongst all impacted communities.

Now, with the continuing threat of this global pandemic, that truth has become more important than ever. Collectively, we proudly commit this social justice guide to be a beacon of truth that helps uplift and support directly impacted communities to come together to rise above the hate, lies, and bigotry that is being actively promoted by the administration, local elected officials and media pundits.

Map The Truth is a timely resource for advocates, educators, media and people who want – and need – to understand the importance of racial justice and how to talk to – and with – the community at large during this time.

“Narrative change is critical in the fight for racial justice — and that starts with intentionality in the words we choose. This messaging guide is a resource for racial justice advocates, allies in the movement, educators, and influencers committed to eliminating falsehoods, myths and misinformation. Informed by the expert advice of our national allies, the ‘Map The Truth’ social justice guide is the go-to source for those seeking to have courageous conversations and publish information with an informed racial justice lens during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.” Judith Browne Dianis, Executive Director of Advancement Project National Office

#MapTheTruth, the COVID-19/Coronavirus Social Justice Guide, social media tool kit and shareable graphics are available at Join our webinar Friday, August 14 at 1pm ET to learn how to use the guide!