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2020 Young Voters of Color Messaging Guide

With the fate of Black lives and our democracy literally on the ballot this fall, it is critical we motivate young voters to cast a ballot. This guide provides messaging insight on how to motivate young voters of color ahead of the November 2020 elections for President, sheriffs, state attorneys, judges and more. Based on focus groups and national polling of Black, Latinx, Native and Asian and Pacific Islander (AAPI) people ages 18-24 years old, we have crafted language to help advocates mobilize young voters of color to cast a ballot. Through consistent work with our Young Voters of Color Advisory Committee – a diverse group of Black and Brown young adults from across the country – we also learned the challenges facing this demographic and their vision for civic engagement.

We have used their feedback, opinions and dreams to thrive to inform our Young Voters of Color Campaign, Vote. By Any Means Necessary, and hope you will do the same.

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