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Democracy Rising

To support the organizing of voting rights partners after the historic passage of Amendment 4 to Florida’s State Constitution, we’re proud to release an updated version of our seminal report, Democracy Disappeared. Renamed, Democracy Rising: The End of Florida’s History of Felony Disenfranchisement and Launch of a New Age of Empowerment, the report is a tool advocates can use to target outreach to Returning Citizens.

The report’s neighborhood-level analysis also shows that Florida’s formerly incarcerated residents overwhelmingly return to Black neighborhoods that have disparate levels of income, employment, education and child poverty compared to the rest of the state, and demonstrates the impact that the vote can have on these communities. Explore the report’s new primer on Miami-Dade County to understand why the right to vote is key to transforming neighborhoods across the state.


Click here to view the report online.

Click here to download the Miami-Dade County Primer.


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