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Letter: Five Things that the Biden Administration Can Do Immediately to Address DHS Retaliation Against Organizers and Protesters

Under the Trump Administration, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has systematically retaliated against immigrant rights organizers, leaders, and journalists. From surveilling protests against family separation, arresting and deploying drones on Black Lives Matter and uprising protesters, to deporting immigrant activists who speak out about ICE abuse, DHS has weaponized immigration enforcement to punish those who speak out against injustice. This is not an isolated problem, but part of a broader history of government suppression of social movements and dissent through incarceration, deportation, and mass surveillance.

The survival of our social movements and the right to organize is at stake. Immigrant organizers and leaders have been at the forefront of various movements for human rights, labor rights, police accountability, environmental justice, and need protection from retaliation.


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