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Letter to Congress Requesting Young People of Color are Included in COVID-19 Stimulus Relief Package

The spread of COVID-19 is a public health emergency threatening millions of people everywhere, and it is felt especially hard by young people. If we rely on the perceived resilience of young people to get them through this pandemic, without providing them the necessary support they need to thrive, we will let them down. This is why Advancement Project National Office and Alliance for Education Justice are urging Congress to provide funding and resources in the next COVID-19 stimulus packages to help our nation’s young people as they navigate this crisis. Advancement Project National Office and Alliance for Educational Justice are committed to ensuring that racial justice will be clearly factored into any attempts to achieve educational equity, which starts with the opportunity for students of color to be safe, healthy and supported in their schools and home environments. While the previous COVID-19 stimulus relief packages will provide some funding for education to governors and states, we want to ensure that the most pressing issues our young people, especially young people of color, are facing in the midst of this pandemic are addressed and included in the next relief packages.

To help support our demands and urge Congress to provide funding to our nation’s young people, use #DontCountThemOut and share our social media kit!


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