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Voting By Mail in 2020: Panacea or Predicament?

Voting By Mail in 2020: Panacea or Predicament? focuses on the intersection of race and vote-by-mail (VBM), and is a call to action to find, flag, and fix the notable problems that may prevent voters of color from casting effective VBM ballots that count. This must be done in this election cycle through robust voter education, advocacy, strategic communications, and, when necessary, litigation. In this policy essay, Advancement Project National Office lifts up the concerns and hopes of advocates on the ground and points out the meaningful ways in which they are preparing their communities for the 2020 elections. The essay highlights questions including: What exactly is VBM? What does the expansion of VBM mean for communities of color? What can we do to ensure that moving to VBM in one election cycle is not a disaster waiting to happen for voters of color?

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