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Black History Month 2020: Advancement Project Honors Black Futures

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Today marks the first day of Black History Month! Never has it been so important to recognize and honor the contributions made by people of color to America. We are in a particularly meaningful year—a year that will determine so much of our future as a nation and as a people.

The future is determined by what we do each day. For this Black History Month, Advancement Project National Office is uplifting those who seize the moment to create a better future for us and our organizational partners, who work diligently every day to create a better future for all of us.  And that is why we’re honoring Black Futures during Black History Month by encouraging you to take part in helping shape OUR future in this nation as we head into the 2020 election.

The Power in Our Democracy

Feb. 3, 2020, marks the 150th Anniversary of the ratification of the 15th Amendment, which granted Black men the right to vote. The amendment transformed the nation’s electoral landscape and allowed Black communities to build political power. The courageous act of re-imagining the future for Black Americans was met with racial violence. And just like today, white supremacists are working hard to disenfranchise people of color. As Gilda Daniels, Advancement Project National Office’s Litigation Director, says in her new book Uncounted, “Despite advocates’ best efforts, the battle to vote marches on.” It is why we are committed to ensuring Black communities can shape their collective future by voting in this year’s upcoming election. Check your voter registration status at and encourage your family and friends to check and to prepare for the 2020 elections.

The Future of America

The work to fight for a fair and just democracy also includes fighting for the safety of Black and Brown migrants. This year, the public charge rule enforced by the current presidential administration could determine what the electorate and what the demographics of America will be in the future. Our partners, UndocuBlack and Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) are doing the work this month to ensure Black and Brown migrants have a voice in this democracy.

Fair and Just Education For Us All

Our Ending the Schoolhouse-to-Jailhouse Track Program (STJ) will highlight how Black and Brown lives are disproportionately impacted by school policing. STJ will also explain how you can support the futures of Black and Brown youth by joining the campaign for #PoliceFreeSchools and utilizing school board elections to make sure your voices are heard. Stay connected with our #policefreeschools campaign to ensure that our young people have a bright future here.

An Abolitionist Future

Black, bright futures are possible with the absence of jail and prison bars, bail, and blight. That’s why we are in Michigan, St. Louis, Florida, Louisiana, and Wisconsin fighting to end mass incarceration and pre-trial detention and working with communities to reinvest in communities disproportionately impacted by these counterproductive institutions.

While for America, Black history is acknowledged in February, we at Advancement Project National Office strive to celebrate, uplift, and root for the past, present and future Black history makes every day.

If you’re committed to the continued fight for a more just democracy, on the foundation our ancestors built, you can donate here.

We are history in the making.


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