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Advancement Project Reacts to Supreme Court Victory for Voters in Moore vs Harper

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to today’s Supreme Court decision on the Moore vs Harper case, Advancement Project executive director Judith Browne Dianis issued this statement:

“Today’s decision is a tremendous victory for voters. We only narrowly escaped a world where the Supreme Court would have handed state legislators with the full blown power to manipulate elections and run rogue, taking away our power as voters and undermining democracy. However, this does not detract from what we already know to be true: that despite this win, access to the ballot for Black, Latinx, Indigenous and AAPI voters continues to be under attack.

Across the United States, and particularly in Florida and Georgia, communities of color have faced everything from unlawful voter purges to making voting by mail harder. These attacks are aimed at destroying the power of our communities. By attempting to take away our access to vote, conservative legislators are diminishing our ability to fight for our futures. We must urgently and decisively push back. 

Without free, fair, and accessible voting, we cannot make meaningful progress on urgent civil rights issues that will impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. We need to continue to build a democracy where everyone participates, every vote is counted, and every voice is heard.”

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